Introducing JukePop’s first anthology – just in time for the holidays! — November 27, 2013

Introducing JukePop’s first anthology – just in time for the holidays!


What’s the best way to tell a good written story? Over the years, I’ve become convinced that it’s not just through the hoary old traditional print novel. Modern American publishers have tended to ignore serialization, a storytelling format with proven effectiveness throughout literary history. And thus was born JukePop Serials – the ambitious but unproven literary experiment I’ve long wanted to bring to fruition – to be a vehicle for indie authors to finally level the playing field, and expose readers to stories they otherwise never would have encountered. At least, that was the plan…

It wasn’t until the JukePop team actually read the first batch of submitted stories (with bated breath!) that we knew with more certainty that we were onto something groundbreaking. JukePop Serials has snowballed since those early tentative days. We now boast a large, dynamic readership that reads and discusses our stories via both the website and cross-platform mobile apps, alongside a growing group of dedicated authors taking advantage of multiple new author tools and literary contests.

From the beginning, we’ve noticed that our most successful authors often share certain common characteristics – they keep chapters coming even in the face of bumps in the road, they have a real commitment to honing and refining their craft (the “instant” reader feedback that the JukePop is often invaluable), and they’re not afraid of letting stories and characters take on lives of their own. These authors tend to produce addictive stories that readers simply want to finish. There is a vitality that is quickly recognizable after a few short paragraphs – the sparkling “ah ha, this guy (or gal) is good!” moment.

Finally, back to this anthology. We’ve purposely collected a broad range of stories from our site to show how different genres or subject matters can be successfully serialized. Is this full circle, a return to the hoary old print novel? We think not – like a JukePop Serial, this is just the first chapter of many to come, a milestone for how far this experiment-turned-community has truly come.

So stay tuned, keep reading and writing stories, and most of all, enjoy! (Click here to get your copy today.)



JukePop Serial fiction represented in Vol 1 includes: The Fabulist by Andrew Johnston, Hobson & Choi by Nick Bryan, I Feel Fine by Lelial Thibodeau, The Watchmage of Old New York by C.A. Sanders, Abyssus Abyssum Invocat by Nathan Weisberg, Dating God by Kaye Soleil, Metal Shadow Prelude by Kevin A.M. Lewis, E.L.F – White Leaves by Michael Ness, Money Matters by Dean Moses and Secrets of the Conclave by Beth Raymond.

JukePop Serials at the libraries — November 26, 2013

JukePop Serials at the libraries


This past Saturday, I was invited to speak on a panel at the Los Altos Library on the topic of trends in self-publishing and the role of libraries in this new age of publishing. On the panel was a self-published author, Marcia Kemp Sterling, a Silicon Valley lawyer, Holly Brady, former Director of Publishing Venture at Stanford University, and Megan Wong, Virtual Library Manager of the Santa Clara Library District.

We talked a broad range of topics, answering practical questions like why should authors self-publish to what should authors do to market their books better. Because everyone had unique and applicable experiences, you can imagine the answers were more that just informative. I especially liked one question from an aspiring author in the audience, “What should I watch out for when looking for help?”

All the panelists had valuable suggestions, as there are so many unique pit-falls when the publishing industry is being disrupted by technology. But there are 3 main takeaways:

1) Don’t give away book rights easily, especially when you’re paying someone for their help. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to give rights away – just know what you’re getting in exchange.

2) You may find valuable resources around you, find a member of your family well versed in social media and ask for their advice or help – social media marketing is free and no harm in trying (you can reinvent yourself easily if it didn’t work).

3) As big publishers continue to cut their staff, this is great for self-publishers. There are more professionals freelancing then ever to help authors – but shop around because if you’re not paying attention you can be spending tens of thousands of dollars before you know it.

Self-publishing can be expensive, or it can be done on a shoestring. You can (and probably will) fall into traps if you’re not careful, but don’t worry – there’s nothing unrecoverable. Be brave, let yourself fail once in a while to learn something important – and keep writing!

-Jerry, JukePop Serials Founder

JukePop sponsors NaNoWriMo contest — November 21, 2013

JukePop sponsors NaNoWriMo contest

We are thrilled to be a part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this year and not to mention a proud sponsor! This is an annual event where participants take on the creative writing challenge to write a 50,000-word novel during the entire month of November. In another week or so, the challenge will come to an end leaving many participants to ask “What do I do with my story after NaNoWriMo?” As a sponsor, we’re inviting NaNoWriMo writers to submit their stories on JukePop and compete to win cash prize awards (valued up to $500) in two categories – fiction or non-fiction. This is the first time we’re opening up our platform to test out non-fiction writing so we’re really excited to see the response.

Here are the details for the JukePop sponsored NaNoWriMo contest:

1. The contest period starts on December 1, 2013 and runs through April 1, 2014. Participants can submit anytime during the contest period.
2. Winners will be determined by the number of +Votes received during the contest period.
3. All entries must be original. NaNoWriMo writers must select to submit to either NaNoWriMo Contest Fiction or NaNoWriMo Contest Non-fiction. No exclusions on genres.
4. Winners will be notified by April 15, 2014. Cash award payments will be sent within 45 days after the winners are notified. All payments will be made via PayPal (
5. All entries will get a chance to continue to publish on JukePop Serials, pending the quality and popularity of the story. (And start collecting monthly cash rewards.)
6. Total prize value is $500. Prizes for the winners in each category are as follows:

NaNoWriMo Fiction:
First Place Prize: $150
Second Place Prize: $75
Third Place Prize: $25

NaNoWriMo Non-fiction:
First Place Prize: $150
Second Place Prize: $75
Third Place Prize: $25

Good luck!!

Welcome to our blog! —

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome JukePopers!

It’s been just over a year since we launched the beta site back in October of 2012 – wow, what an amazing ride! I can’t believe the number of dedicated authors that found us just via word-of-mouth alone. Even more heart warming is the willingness of our readers and authors to contact us directly to give us feedback. If there’s any measure of love for a service like ours, it’s that you are willing to take the time to reach out to us. I thank you for that.

Visit our blog regularly as I’ll be posting opinions on the publishing industry, new features and product announcements, and just general ramblings once in a while that may have nothing to do with JukePop. All for the sake of connecting with you and getting your feedback in a more personal way.

Looking forward to hearing from more of you soon!

Jerry Fan, JukePop Founder

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