JukePop likes to put our community of great authors in the driver seat when it comes to maintaining the quality of our stories.  That’s why JukePop Authors can Endorse Aspiring JukePop Authors’ stories.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.14.03 PMBut other than being generous and encouraging, there are practical reasons for JukePop Authors (JA) to endorse Aspiring JukePop Authors (AJA).  Authors who Endorsed stories are associated with the story in meaningful ways.  If a reader likes that story, they might look at which author endorsed it and discover their great stories. When a JukePop Author Endorse a story, they’re adding that author’s network to their own, they’re forming a partnership, and when the story is fully endorsed (4 Endorsements needed) we kick that off by making an announcement on Twitter to connect the authors.

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Becoming a JukePop Author is an accomplishment, but it’s also a responsibility.  JukePop Authors were accepted because they write great stories – but it’s also time to pay that forward and help another deserving author out.  Don’t go it alone in promoting your own story, can get some help by giving help.