I woke up this morning and found one of our newer authors Nick Travers posed this question to one of our JP 30 author Sam Witt:

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 12.15.57 PM

What followed was a flood of great advice from Sam and a few more of our authors, Nick BryanRyan W. Norris and Shaunn Grulkowski.  I found this pretty awesome to watch in real time and what better advice to pass on to everyone else than those born from experience and success? I group the tips into two categories because success on JukePop depend on getting the word on your story out (outside of JukePop as well as within JukePop), but more importantly keeping those readers that decided to check out your story.

How to get new readers:

  1. Promote with a casual tone. Promote other writers more than yourself, but only promote work you believe in.
  2. Don’t be afraid to spend money on things that matter – editing, cover art, etc.  Don’t be shy about your work.
  3. Promote early, but not too often. A few tweets a day is plenty, but start now. I waited too long to push.
  4. Review and comment on other stories. Endorse or suggest changes. Bring readers to JP overall.

How to keep the readers you got (and keep them voting for you!):

  1. Be consistent. Get your chapters up at least the same day, and the same time if you can, each week.
  2. Write the best you can. Get an editor you can trust. Go where your readers are and get to know them.
  3. Take your work seriously. Do NOT wait until a chapter should go up to write it. Get a week’s backlog.
  4. Be sure to have a strong outline, but not so strong it’s inflexible.

Really just great stuff, and I’m sure there are more of them.  Can you think of anything else?