Twitter is a wonderful thing.  It’s super flexible and everyone can get a message to anyone they want to.  Unfortunately, there’s also no set rules of engagement.  But we want to help, so here are a few things that we always look for when we retweet your tweets.

  1. Always add our twitter handle @jukepopserials to your tweets if you want us to know about it.  We can’t watch everyone’s threads to spot things of interest, but if you add our twitter handle we know you want our attention.
  2. Always include a link to your story.  Why?  Because you want to make it easier for a potential reader.  Think about what you’re asking your potential readers (or current readers) to do.  They need to go to our website, search for the story, or goto their bookshelf, then read.  That’s asking a lot of someone who don’t even know if they like your story yet!
  3. Always us a link to the first chapter of your story, even if you’re tweeting about the latest 10th or 23rd chapter.  Why?  Because that 1st chapter is available without signing in, and thus gives a potential reader the least amount of work to just see that fantastic cover, that great opening sentence, that gripping first paragraph.  For your current readers, we got your back!  We’ll always take them to a chapter they last read.
  4. Always add something interesting and relevant in the tweet itself.  Something about your story, something about the latest chapter, or just…something crazy.   Why?  Because readers receive web links all the time, and without some context or reason, they’re trained to just ignore it.  Oh, and it gives someone a reason to retweet your tweet – it’s gotta be interesting!

Sometimes we’ll also retweet other messages from you, but the rule of thumb is, if what you’re saying helps to inform the community – chances are we’ll retweet.  Just saying.