Do you want your writing to appear on JukePop? First, become familiar with our content by becoming a JukePop reader. We publish stories in chapter increments.  If you like what you read and want to write for our community, please submit your first chapter to us.  Here is the the lowdown to help you get accepted:

  • Read our Submissions Best Practices to learn about our required formatting.  (pretty basic, really.)
  • Suggested word count is 750-3500 for the first chapter. Readers need enough content in the first chapter to decide if they would like to bookshelf your story and continue reading.
  • Is the content overtly violent or controversial? Is the language awkward? Is the content agreeable with your target readers? Important questions to consider before submitting.
  • Also fill out your ‘Profile’ page, this is where you put your author’s name or pen name, twitter handle, bio and it’s often overlooked but very important for community members looking to learn about you.

After our review, you will receive an email indicating if you are accepted as a JukePop Author (perks include eligibility in the JP30 and featured in our e-catalog), Aspiring JukePop Author or Invitation to Resubmit. Also you can check your JukePop account, under ‘My Submissions’ to see the status of a pending submission and update your submission at any time.

Ready to Submit?