JukePop authors, are you looking for a way to increase your readership? This blog is for you.

Earlier this year, our popular horror serial Half-Made Girls spiked to second place on monthly JukePop 30, and has yet to leave the What’s Hot list.

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All of this is remarkable because the shift occurred in the course of only a few short days. We noticed that author Sam Witt had included a video blog on his first chapter in which he thanked his readers for checking out his serial, announced that the serial was coming to an end, and politely asked them to click the +Vote button while reading. Could this have been the reason for his indomitable success?

There have been numerous authors who have used videos to liven up their serials. Art of Dispoal and E.L.F. – White Leaves to name a couple. What do they all have in common? They are all far ahead of the average serial in terms of +Votes.

It turns out that videos make content more engaging and readers wouldn’t mind taking 30 seconds to see who the author is or what the vision for the story is. The blogging industry knows this, as many bloggers have started Youtube channels to promote themselves. The popular sales website Fiverr encourages all sellers to include a video explaining their gigs on screen. Those sellers who do so see a 220% increase in sales.

So let’s try an experiment. Authors, write down your serial’s current +Vote count. Include a video on the first chapter of the serial where you talk to your readers about why +Votes matter. Lastly, promote your serial at regular intervals on a channel full of potential readers, such as Twitter or Pinterest. Keep track of how many +Votes your serial receives every week!