We at JukePop believe the most outstanding fiction writers on the web deserve to be properly compensated for their work. That’s why we’ve awarded over $10,000 to our top 30 serials since our inception in late 2012, as well as a $500 cash prize to our top stories every six months. We’ve also given authors the option of enabling donation or payments for their stories so they can make extra cash. There’s never been a better time to start publishing your story in serial format with JukePop!

Now it’s time for our third biannual award. The award will be given to the story with the highest total +Votes that was live between October 1 and March 31. With nearly 700 serials competing for first place, this one’s looking to be our biggest blowout yet.

Let’s examine the top 10 candidates so far!

(Disclaimer: These votes were tallied between October 1, 2013, and March 5, 2014.)

10) Dread Lord Bob by Kevin Boyer – 831 +Votes 


“Robert Goodman wasn’t looking for adventure in a Kansas public library – it came looking for him. Now Bob finds himself on another world, gifted with terrifying magic powers, and reluctantly in charge of an army of goblins and hobgoblins marching to war.”

9) Blue Bloods by Robert C. Roman – 887 +Votes 


“Astronomers predicted the asteroid would miss the Earth. They couldn’t predict the fallout of its passing, or the incredible changes it would leave behind.”

8) Frost by Chelsea Clemmons – 901 +Votes 


“Eighteen-year-old Lauren Frost’s life is split between two families and two continents. After spending the Christmas holiday in England with her mother, she comes home to a nightmare. Her Forty-two-year-old father has married his girlfriend, who is twenty-one and enjoys making Lauren miserable.”

7) Money Matters by Dean Moses – 951 +Votes 


Money Matters is the story of four individuals and their unique relationship with the money that bound them all together during the 1930s.

6) Becoming by Glenn Rolfe – 1010 +Votes 


“What happens when one man lets the genie out of the lamp? He begins to change. He begins to morph. He becomes something more, something wicked. Craig Hickey is transforming. No one, especially not Craig, is ready for what he is Becoming.”

Glenn mentions in his opening video, all proceeds for Becoming will go to The National Children’s Cancer Society.

5) The Goners by Billy White – 1073 +Votes 


“West Hollywood. 1978. Billy is a punk rocker from Seattle who forgets all about his band and the recording contract he is supposed to be chasing when he gets mixed up with a loosely knit group of renegades and losers who scratch out their livings on the dark side of fame.”

4) The Watchmage of Old New York by Craig C. Sanders – 1586 +Votes


“Nathaniel Hood is the most powerful wizard in New York City. As the appointed Watchmage, Nathaniel is tasked with regulating, protecting, and providing justice to the overwhelming mass of magical creatures immigrating to New York.”

3) I Feel Fine by Lelial Thibodeau – 2367 +Votes 


“A brutal new virus emerged from seemingly everywhere at the same time and eradicated the human population to almost nothing. Except the dead aren’t staying dead.”

I Feel Fine is the previous winner of JukePop’s biannual award and currently our highest +Voted serial ever! Lelial has offered to donate possible proceeds from another biannual award to the Reading is Fundamental charity.

2) Hobson & Choi by Nick Bryan – 2831 +Votes


“Enthusiastic teenager Angelina Choi has joined John Hobson’s one-man detective agency as an intern. Can she change the world before her two week stint ends, or at least find the undermotivated private eye a crime to solve?”

1) Half-Made Girls by Sam Witt – 3548 +Votes 


“When someone begins leaving half-made girls hanging in Pitchfork county, only the Night Marshal and his strange family can stop the coming storm of evil.”

Polls close 11:59pst Monday March 31, 2014.  Authors, we suggest you start actively promoting your work—remember to use every marketing tool at your disposal. And readers, get out there and +Vote for your favorites. Until then, happy +Voting everyone!