Most authors we talk to share this problem: after finally asking someone to read their story, it’s even harder to go back and ask for feedback because it’s a potential embarrassment for both the writer and friend(s).  What if they never gotten to it?  What if they couldn’t finish it?  Would they be honest and objective?  We’ve removed the need to negotiate those awkward moments for much needed feedback.  Introducing Author Analytics, a tool for JukePop authors looking to gauge how interested readers are in their serial.

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We’ve designed this tool to go hand-in-hand with our +Vote feature to determine What’s Hot. Authors can view graphs showing how many +Votes each chapter of their serial received, as well as the demographics for who is voting on each chapter. We call the first graph “the trend”. We believe studying the trend is critical for understanding why a serial is popular and whether it will be successful as a published work.

Usually if the author is successful at getting the word out about their story, it’s not uncommon to have a high number of +Votes on the first chapter of the serial and a steady drop off in the chapters which follow. This is to be expected because no one product (or the story) is built for everyone. Many readers may peruse the serial, then stop reading several chapters in when the story is no longer appealing. The key is to identify those that will keep reading until the end.

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Take a look at the above graphs. Notice anything?

We mentioned that the initial trend is usually a downward slope. However, it isn’t a straight line. For each serial this will look different–for different reasons–but generally speaking the +Vote pattern will have three to four phases:

Phase 1) The decline is always steep.  It’s ok because the opening chapters are an author’s pitch to readers, readers use the beginning of a story to figure out if they like it enough to keep going.

Phase 2) Once the trend levels out, this indicates the story has got a hold of a core group of readers. This is the desirable behavior because it indicates a high reader retention.  This is important for us and for our library partners.

Phase 3) Occasionally, there will be upward bumps. These bumps show that someone who wasn’t +Voting before finally decided to. This can come from a climactic chapter or a well-executed cliffhanger. This is a very good thing!

Phase 4) (see below) +Voting declines after a climatic chapter or story twist, this is expected in the pace of a story and is only alarming if the decline falls below the level established in Phase 2.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 12.02.00 PM

Thanks to the trends generated by Author Analytics, authors on JukePop can now tell which areas of their serial are more appealing to readers and which are less. Understanding this behavior can help them a number of ways. They can go back and revise a climactic chapter where they lost readers. They can alter the direction of the plot if they see that the steep decline isn’t slowing. Or they can change their promotion strategy. It’s up to the author to decide which changes to implement to their serial to keep readers coming back for more.

Author Analytics can be found under “My Account” if you have published a serial with JukePop. We plan to expand the features of the tool in the future.  But for now if you have questions about what your Author Analytics is showing, drop us a comment below.