Libraries want self-published content. The challenge is to know what is good and manage the hundreds of thousands authors that self-publish every year.

Up until now, determination of quality is generally in the hands of professional book reviewers, but libraries know reviewers can’t keep up with the sheer volume of self-published content out there. Libraries also understand how the game is played at the usual places to buy eBooks, e.g. fake reviews, meaningless comments, etc. That’s where we come in – JukePop’s quantitative measurement of quality of a self-published book solves this problem. (Find out how and why, see here.)

JukePop’s platform detect quality stories based on the analytics of how readers are reading each story, then we provide a recommended list for librarians to curate for their community. Below we’ll provide the metrics we use to determine which stories we recommend to libraries. (See an example of how we’re working with libraries.)

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The Basics (Cover, Formatting and Commitment):

  • Cover must have title and author name
  • Chapters must follow our simple formatting guidelines
    • New line between each line of dialog and paragraph
    • No indents
  • Story must have at least 10 Chapters
  • Live stories must be updating regularly, e.g. one chapter a month, every two weeks, every week, etc.

The Analytics (Retention + Reading Time):

  • We’re looking at +Vote trend charts (under My Account -> Author Analytics). It’s ok to get lots of +Votes in chapter 1 only to have it drop off dramatically after chapter 3 – there’s not one book for everyone. But reader retention is vital. It doesn’t matter if you have ten thousand votes overall if you can’t keep the attention of your readers.
  • Average Read Time / Chapter must be realistic. If a chapter has 3000 words, but the average read time of that chapter is less than 10 seconds then it means the author was successful at getting +Votes but not necessarily converting them to readers.

Want to get listed in library catalogs? Submit your story to us here. If your story is already on JukePop and you think you meet our requirements, email us at