Doesn’t it seem like the list of categories on JukePop is growing?

We started with several categories at the beginning. There were nearly 20 genre categories, the list of top 30 stories, a category for recently updated stories, and more. Now there are more categories than we can shake a stick at. We’ve got a category for stories in our latest contests, a category for completed stories, a category for aspiring authors, more genres, and even a What’s Hot list.  (Let’s not forget opportunities to get a contract with publishers.)

All these categories serve the purpose of keeping authors and their writing easy to find around our growing site, so go ahead and use them when you’re looking to read something fresh. We’ll keep expanding and updating them as more great stories roll in. Keep an eye on all the categories on the side of our new front page.

You know which category hasn’t changed since day one? That’s right, the Editor’s Picks. Because we love JukePop’s stories too!

Titles in the Editor’s Picks category are hand-selected by Jodi, our director of content and almighty curator of holy grails. Most of you know her as the person who accepts submissions to the site. Well, Jodi’s got a wide range of interests in genres, as evident by some of the editor’s picks she’s chosen in the past. Her list of favorites include:

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 2.44.11 PM

She also recently selected 15 stories to read in the sun when she goes to the beach this summer. Feel free to download the JukePop app and give them a read at the beach yourself!

Now, we have a short list of criteria for the stories we feature on the Editor’s Picks. If you’re an author looking to get your title into this category, keep these things in mind:

1) Your story must have an eBook cover with the title and author’s name legible. We use this same criteria for selecting stories for our Library program.

2) At least 3 chapters must be available to read.

3) The story must meet our simple formatting guidelines: no indentation, and a blank space before each paragraph.

Aside from that, just write an engaging story. We choose our featured titles regardless of whether they’ve been on the top 30 or not, so don’t worry about having to gather a following first. Good writing is its own merit!