Following up on our latest site update to make our growing community of authors and readers more engaging, we now introduce the “broadcast” feature–a way to directly send a message to all your followers or those you follow!

Our previous update enabled the community feed and personal feed, two display columns which track most of the activity around the site, including individual comments on serials. These tools are great if you want to see what other people are saying about the serials you’ve never read, or if you want to participate in discussions about your favorite chapters. But what if you want to make a general announcement? Not just a comment on a single chapter or review, but a comment concerning multiple chapters or serials, or even something else?

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 2.30.33 PM
Personal Wall for Announcements to Followers


Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 2.27.39 PM
Friend’s Wall for Leaving Messages


This is where the broadcast feature comes in. With broadcast, any member of JukePop can send out a post directly to all their followers’ personal feeds. You can also write a message on people’s walls, similar to how you would on Facebook. No longer are your comments limited to being on individual chapters of a story; now you can post directly to your wall and your followers’!

Send broadcasts via the comment box sitting at the top of your personal wall or a friend’s. Broadcasts sent from your wall will go out to all your followers’ personal feeds, while broadcasts on someone else’s wall will only go out to their personal feed.

If you are a JukePop author, we suggest using the broadcast feature to make announcements about your story, request reviews and shares, or promote it at regular intervals. This of course means you should have a following to begin with, so we also suggest you try your best to recruit more followers on JukePop. If you are a reader, use broadcast to tell your followers which stories you’re really digging at the moment that they should check out. Broadcast is also the perfect tool for off-topic discussions and Q&A sessions. Try not to be spammy, as we can and will act to remove spammers, but instead focus on keeping quality discussions about your story going.

We’re going to continue rolling out site updates for the foreseeable future, making JukePop more community-oriented and discussion-driven than any other publishing site before. Coming up: private messaging and a community feed for the JukePop app. Stay tuned!  (Oh, and any feedback on our latest site updates are 100% welcomed here or email.)