Welcome back to our guide to updating chapters on JukePop.

Last time we discussed:

  • The best schedule to release chapters – Monthly is too long, biweekly is acceptable, weekly is best.
  • Taking breaks – Meaty content needs a break between releases.
  • Communication with readers – Tell readers when your are updating to create trust.
  • Best time of the week to update – Most authors update at the end of the week, so there’s a window at the beginning of the week with light competition, but it almost doesn’t matter what day as long as it’s consistent.
  • Buffering – Have a buffer so you can stick to your schedule.

Those previous guidelines were pretty general advice for anyone writing a webserial. This time, we’ll be discussing secrets that are exclusive to scheduling your story’s chapter updates JukePop.

Secret #6: Beware the End Times

It occasionally helps to release chapters at a specific time on JukePop. These times are: two or three days before the end of the month, and before 11:59 GMT each night.

Since the start of 2014 we’ve revised our JP top 30 to list only the highest +Voted serials of the month rather than the highest +Voted of all-time. As a result, at the end of every month now authors scramble to get +Votes. Don’t lose out! Have a plan of attack at the end of the month so you can reel in those last few +Votes yourself. Keep in mind that readers get emails about your chapter releases the following morning, but only if you release the chapter before midnight GMT time.

Secret #7: Getting a Head Start Helps

To get a head start on the next month’s top 30, release a chapter on the day the vote closes. Readers will get an update the following day and you might immediately get their +Votes, placing you at the top of the refreshed top 30 chart.

Secret #8: Shorter Chapters = More +Votes

This one might be a no-brainer, but it’s a big one so we’ll say it anyway. The longer your chapters are, the longer people will take to read them and +Vote on them. Long chapters also encourage people to stop reading and take a break–definitely not a good thing if you want them to read your next chapter release on-time. If you can write chapters that people will read all the way through in one sitting, you’ll have a slight edge over your competitors who have longer chapters. Thus, aim for chapter lengths of about 3000 words. Try not to cross 5000.

A word of caution though. Don’t let +Votes dictate how you write your story. If your story needs a 5000-word long chapter or longer, then go ahead and write it. Readers will enjoy it all the same, even if they need a break to digest it afterwards.

Secret #9: Special Events Especially Help

Who says a chapter release can’t be a big deal? From time to time, do something special with your chapter update. Give away a free book to the first three people who review it. Do a double-chapter release to signify the end of a story arc. Come up with a prize for readers if the story gets as many votes as the chapter number. The possibilities for special events are as vast as you can think them up.

Secret #10: Facebook Beats Twitter

This last tip is less about updating chapters and more about promoting them. More people discover serials through Facebook than Twitter. It’s obvious why when you look at the statistics: Twitter has millions of users, Facebook has billions. However, on JukePop the statistics are skewed even further in favor of Facebook. Use Facebook as your primary tool for promotion and announcing your chapter releases.

It’s worth noting that Facebook has a few neat options for advertising your posts, and they are generally cheaper and easier to use than what Twitter offers. An example would be Facebook’s “Boost post” option, which starts at as little as $1 per boost for some users, though Facebook changes the minimum amount from time to time. Do some research to find out more.

Keep these 10 secrets in mind as you release chapters on JukePop and you’ll be able to continually engage your audience with ease. Got your own secrets to updating chapters? Don’t keep them to yourself–spill them in the comments section!