Self-promoting your writing is practically a must if you want to become a success. Promoted stories reach more readers, and hence wider demographics, age groups, and niches. Non-promoted stories reach pretty much no one. Finding places to promote your writing for free can be difficult at times, but the rewards are entirely worth it. Besides, if you don’t promote your work, who will?

Here are five fast ways to promote a story on JukePop.

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1. Use the Share Buttons

The most convenient way to promote a story on JukePop is to use the Share buttons under each story’s book cover. Whether you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest account, we’ve got a button for you. Make a catchy blurb in your post, tweet, or pin description; something that will grab your followers’ attention. Our favorite is a quick summary of the latest chapter of the story. Each time the story gets updated, you’ll have a new blurb and a new reason to press Share. Use popular hashtags such as the genre of the story whenever you can.

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2. Write a Personal Blog

A personal blog is the perfect place to promote your writing, or your favorite works by other authors. Many of our top authors on JukePop have personal blogs, so let that be a measure of how effective it is. On a personal blog, you can talk about upcoming chapters, share inside secrets about the story’s setting and plot, and even do clever things like interview your own characters. As long as you keep your blog readers interested in your story, they’ll keep coming back to read your latest chapter.

Don’t have a personal blog? Don’t worry. It’s free and easy to create one with WordPress, Blogspot, or Tumblr. A Facebook page is also a great alternative.

3. Write Guest Blog Posts

So you don’t have a personal blog. Or you do, but it doesn’t get much traffic. Try writing a blog post for someone else. Contact your favorite blogger and ask them if they need a hand keeping their blog roll going, then write them a post related to your story. Not only will you be promoting your story, you’ll be building a lasting relationship with a fellow blogger and their extensive audience.

Hey, you could even do a guest blog for us.

4. Get Reviewed

Another thing you can ask another blogger to do is to review your work on their blog. There are a few sites dedicated to doing free book reviews, but don’t just look for those–most bloggers would be willing to blog about your work simply if they liked it. Be sure to reciprocate and review or share their work as well.

Note that the reviews need not be in the form of blogs. JukePop has review sections at the bottom of every story, so try to invite your reviewer to leave reviews there. Keep in mind that we have a code of conduct for reviews posted on our site.

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5. Join an Online Directory

Some of the most underutilized channels for self-promotion are online directories and forums. These are free sites for listing your work of fiction so they can be shared by others. Some of these sites also feature reviews by members of the community, giving your work extra exposure.

Our favorites include:

6. BONUS TIP: Utilize Word of Mouth

Online promotion isn’t the only kind. In fact, it probably isn’t the most effective. Talking to people about your story directly is the the oldest trick in the book for a reason. Tell your friends and family, or even strangers you pass in the street. If they like your work, then they’ll talk about it to their friends, and so on. That’s going viral.

7. EXTRA BONUS TIP: Talk to Your Local Library

Here’s another bonus tip. Head down to your local library and ask them if they have a shortage of your story. You might just get offered to have your title listed in their catalog. Why? Because libraries want your books.

Use these fast methods to get your story on JukePop featured on dozens of sites around (and off) the web. Promote frequently and often, not just once or twice, and you’ll be on the road to getting +Votes and reviews in no time.

Know a few ways to promote JukePop stories that we don’t? Drop a comment and let’s hear it!