K.A.M. Lewis

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been studying the analytics for my free-to-read fantasy serial on JukePop, Metal Shadow. Looking at analytics isn’t always fun. I’m sure long-time readers of this blog know this. Either the analytics reveal something great, or they reveal something terrifying. I’ve yet to witness a middle ground.

However, analytics remains a very useful tool for testing hypotheses about reader preferences. Today I noticed something both great and terrifying while studying it. I sort of expected it when I set out to write the latest chapters, but it still sort of shocked me.

Exhibit A:

JP Analytics for Metal Shadow JP Analytics for Metal Shadow

Bleh. I hate looking at those first two dips, the ones on chapters 6 and 10. I wish I could take them back.

But now we’ve got some new dips since before, don’t we? One on chapter 13, 18, and another on 22…

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