When you finish reading a chapter of a story you really like, don’t you sometimes wish you could let the author know how you felt?

Online publishing platforms have the advantage of commenting systems and star ratings which allow readers to leave feedback for authors, but it’s not good enough. On JukePop we believe providing actionable and quantifiable feedback for authors and accomplish this with +Voting: the ability for readers to place their vote on a chapter they appreciate. +Votes are the easiest feedback for readers to leave, quantifiable for authors’ analytics and takes the thinking out of the process.

+Voting is at the heart of our mission to objectively determine quality stories. Through it, we can reward authors with cash prizes or elect stories for placement in libraries. Here, we’ll explain how +Votes work and some of the things they have permitted authors to do on our site that they couldn’t do otherwise. Whether you’re a reader, an author, or just someone on the outside looking in, this is easily the most important feature of JukePop that you should get familiar with. Take notes!

How +Votes Work 

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+Votes can be left on each and every chapter of a story on JukePop. The voting button is found under the story’s book cover. You can also automatically leave +Votes by clicking “next chapter” if the auto-vote feature is enabled in your settings (we automatically turn on the feature when you create an account).

Each reader can only leave 1 +Vote on a chapter, but they can vote on as many chapters as they like. For instance, if person A likes chapters 1 and 10 of a story, but none of the others, they can leave 2 +Votes by clicking the +Vote button on chapter 1 and then chapter 10. If person B likes all 10 chapters, they can leave 10 +Votes by turning on auto-vote and just reading normally up to chapter 10. Even person C, who only reads up to chapter 5 and then loses interest in the story, can provide feedback by leaving auto-vote turned on while they read. Then the author will know they lost interest because person C will not leave +Votes on the remaining chapters. (We don’t reveal who +Voted, just an aggregate view for authors.)

+Votes from all readers accumulate to create two rankings for the story: the monthly +Vote ranking and all-time +Vote ranking. Monthly +Vote rankings are reset each month, while all-time +Votes are a permanent record of all +Votes ever left on a story. We reward authors cash prizes based on who earns the most monthly +Votes with one of their stories.

Why +Votes Matter

This system of quick, democratic feedback allows authors to gauge collective interest in their story at a glance, as well as allows readers to support their favorite stories in a free, noncommittal way. +Votes are also used to form very informative analytic graphs, which in turn help us choose quality titles to place in our library program. As mentioned before, we pay our authors based on their story’s monthly rankings, with a $500 bi-annual award going out to the top +Voted story every six months. All these incentives then inspire authors to promote their stories in the hopes of getting more +Votes, creating a feedback loop.

Star ratings, reviews, and comments are certainly useful tools, but with +Votes JukePop has been able to do much more with the stories on our site than the average publishing platform. We believe this mechanism is the key to objectively determining quality titles, something few other publishing platforms have been able to do.

What do you think of +Votes?