You’ve started a web serial. You’ve chosen a website or platform to publish on and you’ve put out the first chapter on that platform.

You’ve continued your web serial by updating chapters, interacting with your readers, and not being picky about plot holes and continuity errors.

Now it’s time to finish your serial!

But wait, when is the best time to finish a web serial?

When YOU know best. Just like with writing a novel, the ending of the story is up to you to you. Keep in mind that serials have the potential to spawn several volumes of work and can actually grow more popular the longer they are. If you’re thinking of making a sequel to your serial, consider just integrating the sequel with the current story.

What next?

Once you’ve decided what and when the end of your serial will be, time to roll out the red carpet. Alert your readership that their favorite story is about to come to a close. If you’re an author on JukePop, be sure to remind them to +Vote so your story will gain exposure. Then, just focus on quality; keep the number of cliffhangers high, the plot twists climactic, and do what you do best: write it all down.

I’m finished. Woohoo! I can sit back and relax now, right?

Congratulations on finishing your web serial! Did you enjoy the ride?

Well, this was definitely no easy task, so you’ve definitely earned a break. But don’t think the journey is over just yet. It’s now time to consider your options. Should you move on to another work? Should you polish up this gem and try to get it on shelves? You’d be surprised what kind of after party you can throw with the sheer energy acquired from writing. (Then again, by this point you’ll have published many chapters and may know that feeling very well.)

If you ask us, you should publish your serial. JukePop has many tools to help web serials get published to various platforms. We have a library integration program for getting more indie titles into libraries, which serials can enter during their run or after completion. We also have a new investment platform to help completed stories acquire the funds for things like editing and cover art. Some of our completed serial authors decide to go their own route–we accommodate that too. All in all, there’s never been a better time to finish a serial on JukePop.

Whatever your choice, just reaching this point means you’ve already accomplished a great deal. Consider yourself a true champion writer!