Changes to JP 30 Rewards — January 26, 2015

Changes to JP 30 Rewards

Since JukePop started, we’ve been 100% focused on incentivizing authors to keep writing—with a monthly JP 30 ranking and small cash reward. It succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. So we took it up a notch, and launched the crowdfunding platform where readers can share the success of JukePop writers by buying shares of future sales revenues.
Starting this month (January), we’re changing the reward policy for JP 30 to a credit towards authors that start a crowdfund project (available now) or use our publishing services (available in a month or so). We’re hoping it will encourage all the great authors out there to take their completed works to the next level.
Thank you for continuing to stay with us as we evolve into the best platform for authors looking to publish their stories!
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