Writing: Finding Editor — February 27, 2015

Writing: Finding Editor

Aden Ng

It’s been awhile since I posted anything. Oh who am I kidding? Happy end of the month! I’ve been feverishly editing and looking for an editor for In Evening, and celebrating Chinese New Year (Happy CNY fellow Chinese!). Aside from the serialized version of In Evening on JukePop having been updated to its final, pre-published edit, I’ve also managed to settle on Cassandra Marshall as an editor. It’s my first time looking for a market one, and I’m hoping she would be able to come through for me in regards to In Evening.

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Tea (an Aconitum short story) — February 25, 2015

Tea (an Aconitum short story)

Muse X-ing

Aconitum passed 1000 votes on JukePop Serials! I’m so excited and grateful! To celebrate, I’m having a small contest over at my Facebook page.

I’m also going to share this short story with you. It’s very special to me. You see, it was the first thing I ever wrote about Hector and Peter (it was a small test run before I started writing the actual story). I only did minimal editing to it because I wanted to show what the original idea looked like, so a few details have changed, but overall, the world and the characters are the same. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Disclaimer: This short story contains spoilers for Chapter 13.


“Tea?” Hector looked enquiringly from the teapot on the table to his friend.
Hector retrieved two cups from the cupboard and put them on the table. They were a little worn at the…

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet…? — February 4, 2015

To Tweet or Not to Tweet…?

by Steven Marshall author of Galico


So, here’s a joke for you:

This guy walks into a crowded bar and tweets @bar: “I’m HERE!” Only the bartender responds. Everyone else is oblivious to the newcomer. Baffled, the guy asks the bartender: “Why did they ignore me?” The bartender shrugs and says: “That’s what happens when you don’t put a dot in front of your @ sign.”

Get it?

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ATHENA Exposed! Co-authoring Experience from ATHENA’s Authors — February 3, 2015

ATHENA Exposed! Co-authoring Experience from ATHENA’s Authors

ATHENA has a die-hard following on JukePop, but this unique story is co-authored by 4 writers.  We thought they would offer a unique perspective about their process of writing.  A quick intro about the 4 authors below, then we’ll get right to the Q&A session.


Ryan W. Norris is a full-time evolutionary biologist and part-time writer of (mostly hard) science fiction. He has published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact. When he writes with his collaborators you’ll see a softer side to his scifi.

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Does Professional Editing Help? Kevin Boyer Says… — February 1, 2015

Does Professional Editing Help? Kevin Boyer Says…

Hello all, this is Smiling Worg, a.k.a. Kevin Boyer, author of Dread Lord Bob.


I recently had the opportunity to work with a professional editor on a science-fiction novel that I hope to release via traditional publishing. Overall, I must say it was an absolutely positive experience, something both I and CoPAP (my novel) needed. JukePop has asked me to share what I’ve taken away from this, which I’ve gladly agreed to do.

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