JukePop not affect by the Heartbleed Bug — April 10, 2014

JukePop not affect by the Heartbleed Bug

Hi Everyone, this is Mark, the tech guy behind JukePop. By now, you’ve probably all heard about the Heartbleed bug and the potential security risks that everyone hasĀ been exposed to. If not, then the synopsis of the problem is that any site using the OpenSSL technology (2/3 of the sites out there including large companies such as Yahoo, Google, and other notable sites) to secure login and sensitive communication between you and the site’s service may have been compromised. Check out the following article from NPR for more information.

What To Do Now That The Heartbleed Bug Exposed The Internet

I want to reassure everyone that our site is not affected by this bug and has never been affected by this bug. However, I do strongly recommend everyone take some time to change the passwords to all of your important accounts. But please double check to make sure that the site has patched the security hole before you change it (site to checkĀ link here). Also, try to avoid logging into a site that requires a user name/password until you’ve verified that it’s safe.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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