Kickstart Our Campaign to Fill Your Library with Indie eBooks — September 23, 2014

Kickstart Our Campaign to Fill Your Library with Indie eBooks

Ever wonder why it’s so difficult to check out ebooks in libraries?  It’s because they don’t have the infrastructure to store, distribute, and curate ebooks.  That’s no longer the case.  We provide a technology that’s easy to integrate, libraries just need a working website, and they have access to all the stories on JukePop.  (Ones that qualify at least, another service we offer.)  Watch the video below to see how our platform works for any library website.


With the “Upgrade Your Local Library’s eBook Catalog” Kickstarter project, we at JukePop aim to create a platform for libraries to directly port indie ebooks into their online catalogs. This means less hassle for libraries who are seeking out indie talent, and easier access to the local bookshelf for hard-working indie authors. This resource will be free to use once we reach our pledge goal, and we’re giving out many lucrative rewards to all backers along the way. Go ahead and take a more detailed look at the project.

Months ago JukePop successfully opened a new avenue for authors to publish to libraries through a partnership with Santa Clara County Library. We built the foundation of a platform which would use our unique combination of +Votes and Analytics to help libraries determine high-quality stories objectively and with little hassle, then worked with SCC to feature those stories in their online catalog. Dozens of our hottest stories have already been added, leading to some high praise in the form of the Urban Libraries Council’s 2014 Top Innovator award.

We want to expand this project across as many libraries as possible and get many more self-published titles into local libraries, all the while offering this service for free to all parties. We’ve set a modest goal of 60 libraries for now, but soon we hope to conquer the world.

Our previous work with Santa Clara makes it a cinch to implement this project in many other libraries. We only need help funding some of the technical tidbits.

Among other things, we have to:

  • Finish the software platform so that we can roll it out to libraries efficiently
  • Make the software more user-friendly for librarians to initially set up our technology and pick which eBooks they want on their site
  • The finished software platform will also lower the cost for both JukePop and libraries to implement and maintain
  • Integrate this technology with 60+ libraries

This is where you come in. If you are an avid reader, writer, or purveyor of JukePop, help us achieve our mission to upgrade your local library’s ebook catalog by contributing to our Kickstarter project here. Be sure to tell your friends and even mention it to your librarian next time you visit. They may be the first people we work with once funding is complete!

The Rewards

Since this is a Kickstarter, each donation to our project comes with a mouth-watering reward. You can read all the details on our campaign page, or check out a juicy summary of the rewards below:

The Basic Rewards

Pick Your Library – Any backers at $25 or greater can name a library of choice. We will prioritize your local community library for implementation. The more backers for a community library, the higher its priority for JukePop. So make sure you share this with your friends!

List Your eBook – We will include your eBook in our catalog for libraries to consider ($50 or greater pledge level).

One Click Publish – A platform for indie authors to easily create, format, and publish eBooks for their own use and to popular eBook retailers like Amazon and iBooks. We can only do this if you help us get to our stretch goal. If we do, we will make this free for 6 months for all authors!

eBooks of Choice – eBooks from some authors and publishers that believe in our mission.

A La Carte Rewards

Perfect for any aspiring author, or a gift to an author you know, from Cover Design to Developmental Editing. Our friends at Plympton have asked their friends who are fiction editors at Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins and Macmillan to help provide feedback to writers. All are current or former acquiring editors at Big 5 publishing houses.You will have a choice of editors based on availability and fit. Contact us to get a list of the editors.

Sample Edit – Got an idea for a book? At JukePop we know how important your opening chapters are. Get written feedback for 2000 words from acquiring editors.

Cover Design – Get your book cover designed by some of the brilliant artists behind the highly touted Recovering the Classics project. The artist will work with you to create three cover concepts presented, of which you get to choose one that the artist can develop. Contact us to get the list of contributing artists.

Editorial Consultation – Nothing beats feedback from a great editor and finding one is hard. You’ll get your manuscript reviewed and feedback given via a 30 minute phone call or a 2-3 page editorial memo.

Editorial Feedback – Ready for detailed feedback? Get your manuscript reviewed by current or former acquiring editors at Big 5 publishing houses and get a detailed 5-7 page editorial memo analyzing it.

Developmental Editing – There’s a great story in every manuscript, but often it takes a great editor to help you shape it. Get a comprehensive line edit of your manuscript, direct feedback in a 7 page memo.

We’re eager to get started on this project and we hope you are too. Help make this a success by donating to the campaign or sharing a link with your friends on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Thank you in advance for your incredible support, and we look forward to upgrading your local library soon!


BlackHill Press Partnership & Leveraging Libraries — May 21, 2014

BlackHill Press Partnership & Leveraging Libraries

It’s no secret that JukePop has been shaking things up in the publishing world since we went live late 2012. Our commitment to the classic print serialization model has led to the creation of nearly 1,000 works of outstanding fiction–and that’s in one and a half years alone. Moreover, we’ve opened a new avenue for authors and libraries to collaborate. Perhaps the next bestselling book will originate from a library near you!

We believe that this shaking up of the industry is not only warranted, but necessary. Big publishers’ current models of publication have taken on signs of old age in this high-tech, information-oriented era. It’s no longer enough for a publishing house to put out a few dozen books a year. Readers want more stories from more places. They want to discover new talent in new genres.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.56.32 PM

Enter BlackHill Press!

It’s time to shake things up some more. Starting June 1, JukePop will be partnering with California Public Libraries and BlackHill Press for a Summer Writing Project. This event will last until August 31st, 2014, after which BlackHill Press will select 3 stories from JukePop’s library catalog to publish as full-fledged novellas.

Let’s lay out the criteria some more:

  • Create an account or log in and submit your entry (only one chapter is needed) to “Summer Writing Project” by clicking on “Submit” in “My Accounts”
  • Round 1: Selected stories (Round 1 Finalists) will be distributed to partner libraries based on reader analytics (retention + reading time) and presented in conjunction with library Summer Reading programs.
  • Round 2: Black Hill Press will select three (3) stories from Round 1 Finalists to be published as a special Summer Writing Project collection with cover artwork by Jeannie Phan.

What does this venture mean? Well, aside from that 3 JukePop serials are about to receive fantastic cover art by Jeannie Phan, it means one thing: libraries have now entered the publishing equation.

Traditionally, publishers sought submissions and would have interns and editors go through them one by one, selecting the ones they liked and discarding the rest. This method resulted in many now popular titles like Harry Potter getting shafted time and again because they didn’t meet the publishers’ strict, often archaic criteria. This also resulted in a lot of needless paperwork like cover letters and pitches.

JukePop’s Analytics tool streamlines and objectifies this process tremendously. We select which titles get into libraries based not on one editor’s preference, but on reader retention stats recorded by Analytics. This ensures that quality titles like Black Hearts and I Feel Fine get proper recognition, while ensuring they are selected exclusively by readers. No cover letters or pitches are required; just submit, get +Votes, and make it big.

If you are a JukePop author seeking to enter our library program, sign up for the Summer Writing Project today for your chance to have your serial published by BlackHill Press.


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